Ever wondered how much your favorite star is really worth? How much did that up and coming actress got paid with her last actress? Or maybe what happened to that rap star from the 90’s who bought planes and mansions? It’s really normal to be interested and invested in your favorite artists. This is the reason why we still have blogs on the Internet that are created just to talk about them. One website owner however, decided to go and do more. Instead about just focusing on gossip and random news, the website owner realizes that going specific can work wonders for him/her. At first look, the website looks like your typical celebrity website but after checking the articles you can see that it actually focuses on the finances and lifestyle of richest celebrities in the world of showbiz, sports, and a lot more.

Basic Information

Business Type Niche Platform Age of the business
Blogging Celebrity Facts WordPress 1 year

In a nutshell, the website talks about everything money related in Hollywood and other well-known individuals. Their articles range from the simple Top 10s to Net Worth reports. The articles are well researched but they might not contain all the information you need but it is acceptable. This niche is good for starters as you have little (but very big) competition. There aren’t too many sites who focus only on the net worth for celebrities. Because of this, you will have a fairly easy time to get to page 4-5 of the search results. The real struggle comes when you are aiming for page 1. Currently, there are around 3-4 big websites out there in the same niche and getting ahead of them is close to impossible. The good news here is that having 3-4 competing websites is fine. That means you should only find their weaknesses and use it to your advantage. Maybe they don’t cover the younger generation? Or maybe they don’t care too much about historical stuff? Capitalize on those topics and you will surely get traffic even without doing too much.

The website is 1 year old and has a 0/10 Google PR. Not really surprising considering the site is still young. The website gets around 250,000+ views on a monthly basis on a good month. We can also see that it has a solid Adsense revenue for a year old website. The website is also hosted on WordPress and this means that the website can easily be customized or even changed depending on the need. You will also have access to a good number of themes and plugins to make everything easier for you from writing your articles to SEO.


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Google Analytics tell us that the website enjoys around 250,000+ views a month for the past 2 months. This is really good considering the site is not the “most known” page in its niche. This just means that although the competitors are bigger than this website, it still gets good traffic. This just goes to show that although a niche can be considered “hard’, you can still get good traffic if you play your cards right. We can see from the data that it has a pretty high bounce rate at 85.42% and an average session duration of 36 seconds. Looking at those numbers, you might think that there’s really nothing wrong with the website but it tells a good story.

Traffic Channels

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I believe the usual scenario would be somebody would arrive on the site through a Google search. They read through the page given to them by Google but realize that it does not have the information they need. This scenario is very likely because like what I said above, the articles on the site might have information in them but it may not be the ones that people are actually looking for. Still, this problem might not be that bad. It can easily be solved by either updating the current articles you might have or adding new articles that’s complete. You really need to study how the competition does it properly to understand why they are getting more (and better) traffic than what you are getting now.

Another thing to notice is that almost 90% of the traffic the site receives come from organic search. The remaining 10% comes from direct traffic and referral traffic. The referral traffic comes from various links on other sites that point towards the website. According to the website owner, the website has backlinks from various high authority sites like Huffingtonpost.com, INC.com, and even lifehack.org. These links are excellent for SEO but the traffic from such links contribute only 1.6% of the total.

Majority of the traffic this website gets come from the United States. This is rather fine knowing that the US really love their celebrities and would really want to know more about them.


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Month Revenue Costs Profit
Sep 14 $0 $3 -$3
Oct 14 $0 $3 -$3
Nov 14 $0 $3 -$3
Dec 14 $0 $3 -$3
Jan 15 $0 $3 -$3
Feb 15 $0 $3 -$3
Mar 15 $0 $5 -$5
Apr 15 $12 $5 $7
May 15 $13 $5 $8
Jun 15 $84 $5 $79
Jul 15 $751 $165 $586
Aug 15 $794 $155 $639

According to the owner, the website earns mostly from Adsense. Adsense is Google’s contextual ad service. In a nutshell, the website owner earns money from showing ads on their page. The payment varies depending on the traffic you get and the quality. This means that if you get bigger and more stable traffic, Google will pay you more. According to Google Adsense, the site earns up to 500$ a month from its traffic. It’s more than enough money to keep the site running.

Also, the owner mentioned that he also got accepted to the Taboola ad network. Taboola is a content ad network. You earn by showing sponsored content on your website to your traffic. According to the owner, there are also a bunch of other ad networks that have accepted the site so they might be of use in the future.

Although the finances is alright at the very least, there are still a lot of ways for the website to earn. Seeing that the traffic is good, the owner can actually use Amazon affiliate to sell stuff that the stars use. This is perfect because it’s a logical next step for the visitors. A lot of those interested in the financials and lifestyle of celebrities are also the kind of people who want to emulate them.


I will give this website a 7/10 not because it’s a bad website but it can still be improved. Here are some of the good and bad points of the website.


  • he niche is nice and well thought out. It’s specific enough to have good and loyal traffic but it’s still general enough to be a good time-waster for a passerby. I mean, let’s be honest, who doesn’t want to know how much Brad Pitt is worth? Or how many cars Johnny Depp has?
  • The website design is excellent for Adsense. It’s well laid out so that there is maximum exposure for every ad. This means more money from Adsense.
  • According to the owner, the website has been accepted by a good number of ad networks. This means that the owner can have multiple sources of income with varying pay depending on who he chooses. This gives you some freedom in who you go for.


  • The articles can do more work. Based on the traffic health, we can see that people don’t really spend too much time on the site. With better articles, you can keep customers for more than a minute so they read more and therefore give you more revenue. Remember that although there are only a few other sites in the niche, they are proving to be better in the content department so you should learn to keep up.
  • The source of income is OK in the sense that it can pay for domain, hosting, and articles but there are still a number of untapped income funnels. The first thing that comes to mind is to use Amazon Affiliates on top of Google Adsense. You can just place links on your site with various items used by the stars. For example, a device being used by Angelina Jolie is for sale on Amazon then you might as well provide a link for your readers where they can buy it.
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